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Belgravia Apparel (BA) is delighted to announce its acquisition of Australian Sportswear Pty Ltd (CGR), a prominent apparel supplier in Victoria. This strategic move allows CGR’s customers, including VCFL Clubs, to access a comprehensive range of technical apparel from New Balance, Belgravia Apparel’s exclusive elite teamwear partner for the Australasian region, featuring the latest advancements in performance fabric technology.

CGR’s sales and operations will seamlessly integrate into Belgravia Apparel, ensuring minimal disruption and marking a significant expansion for Belgravia Apparel in regional Victoria, offering Australian-made options tailored to the VCFL market.

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CGR is an Australian owned sporting apparel supplier, operating out of Thomastown, Victoria. CGR have 18 years of in-house design and production experience, creating custom sporting garments engineered for comfort and performance.

The CGR team is made up of a hardworking group of experienced professionals, with a can-do attitude, exciting design ideas, and an innovative streak. We pride ourselves on offering high quality and reliable customer service, as we strive to provide an excellent all-round customer experience.

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